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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Roses In Lisbon

My Love..


  1. ...by the end of the concert, as I was sitting on the PA with 2 friend chatting and whatnot, Sir Douglas came to sit on the stage straddling a litthe chair right in front of us. he looked vaguely and us and at me too, and for sure I returned the glance to him - sympathetically and as a token of human recognition. waited a bit for Sir to wind out - he was drinking a small glass of red wine - then approached him, heart racing. I treated him very respectfully, as Sir, and offered him a cd with a version of Only Europa Knows composed by me and a British friend, and a spoken word version of The Grass is Always Browner, as a token of my deep regards and long time admiration for his music and poetry - made it a point to let him know my feelings - that I *do* feel and know he is by far and large one of the greatest living poets of our days besides being a great musician - someone immense like a Tom Waits, a Nick Cave or a Scott Walker. It struck me he looked tired and even a bit melancholic, but he smiled and looked animated at my action of offering him the cd...over our brief talk I did showed him I was overjoyed and very emotioned to meet him. Treated him not like some kind of demigod in a pedestal or as some musical puppet who was there to sing to my demands, but as a flesh and blood human being with the full blown right to due respect, dignity and honour. I treated him with sincere affection. Skeptical if anyone else has remembered to treat him that way, in the (eye/human) level as most of the audience was comprised by the usual as above so below kind of immature kids. Onward...I wished him the very best and said goodbye offering him my hand. He gave me a string handshake I'll never forget, and replied with my own strong hand holding his.
    Only last night while about to sleep it hit me like a rock - I lost my father at 13, and that strong hand holding mine felt like, over all these years living in the absence of my father, was the closest I ever felt as the very hand of a loving father figure holding mine, again, strong and careful. And that brought tears to my eyes...unfathomable. I am forever grateful to Sir Douglas, not only for his amazing music and deeply beautiful poetry, but to his kindness and amability. Struck me as the FANTASTIC man & person he is. I will never forget that brief encounter, and hope for the best - to see him again live even if it is just a decade from now, and to meet him again and greet him with the same deep, sincere affection and humanity. So Thank you Sir. My heartfelt wishes of a long and happy life and a good sequitur to the brilliant work.

    Hyaena Fierling Reich

  2. Thank you Hyaena for your touching words, sharing your experience with us eloquently. All the best to you. Strength & Tenderness!

  3. I know Hyaena personally so it's redundant to hereby attest how sincere that is, so I'd just like to add that by the 4th time I've seen DI6 live my homeland, it was massively touching to see dozens of young people half my age and less, chanting and harmonizing with Sir Douglas in a long string of classics from a time they weren't even born. A touching show of endearment I'll never forget.

  4. Best Gig Ever! Thank you to all involved.

  5. thank you João and Sundog. and may Sir Douglas be happy <3