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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Pictures from Lisbon

Thanks to Antonio Caeiro for the pictures. Full set here.


  1. It was a very hot October night, it was hardly bearable just standing inside Casa de Lafões lounge,...anyway the room was packed and internationally to say the least. It was probably the last time I/we saw DI6/Douglas P performing, thus the relentless calls for encore. There were two of them, remarkably generous on Douglas' behalf...and just when everyone was ready to re-direct one's steps back to the bar, it was the artist's turn to surprise everyone with a final song. Another reason not to ever forget this stage of the 30th anniversary tour! It's two months away but it feels like yesterday!

  2. Sorry, I forgot to wish everyone a merry christ-mass; I know it's a wee late now, but it was meant from the heart...anyway, right now I'm enjoying the Snow Bunker tapes and I definitely prefer sides c and d, to a and b, but altogether it's a very interesting exercise of attesting hos different that Peaceful Snow lp was one of a kind in Di6's discography. The four 10'' slabs of vinyl altogether DO make sense. What a good purchase. I'm already looking forward the next studio album, though...