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Friday, 30 September 2011

The Sly Fox

Tonight Death In June performs at The Sly Fox Hotel in Sydney, Australia.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Beyond Very Fond

Do you remember when you first heard this song?

Another strong contestant for best fan-made DI6 music video. It perfectly emphasizes the emotional content of the song. The footage is from Hungarian filmmaker Béla Tarr's epic 7 hour long Sátántangó (Satan's Tango).

Saturday, 24 September 2011

A fait accompli

This is the best fan-made music video for Death In June I have yet seen. When I first saw it I thought its somewhat humoristic character was a bit too at odds with the seriousness of the song, but after subsequent viewings I've found it to be just perfect. The youtube profile-name of its creator is 'DerTodesking777'. He has a lot of other remarkable DI6 videos on his channel. He also keeps an excellent website on weird, outsider & art cinema: Soiled Sinema. In a very readworthy review there of the Death In June documentary "Behind the Mask" he writes that he likes "different musical groups for a variety of reasons ranging from novelty to a deep emotional connection but Death in June is one of few groups whose entire aesthetic package I am completely enamored with." About his video-editing he says that it is "primarily intuitive. I generally edit a video "in my head" and then eventually physically edit it. I am self-taught. One of my biggest influences is the films of Kenneth Anger. I also edit official videos for the excellent American neofolk group HARVEST RAIN."
I look forward to seeing many more beautiful videos by 'DerTodesking777' (or Matt) for DI6 and others.

A question for the readers of the blog: Which fan-made DI6 music video do you find particularly good?
Post a link to it in the comments, and perhaps add a few words on what makes it stand out to you.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Excitement in Moscow

The Death In June concert in Moscow 16 days from now has been listed in the Russian Magazine 'Choose' as among the seven most exciting events to take place in that city in the month of October.

If you have any press clippings of interest about the DI6 concert in your city, please send them in!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Мишка DI6 Collection, Interview with Douglas P. & Special Mix

The Мишка designer clothing company, out of New York, presents their special Death In June Capsule Collection in collaboration with Douglas P. with whom they have also conducted a brand new interview. On top of all that their friend Star Eyes has made a special Death In June Mix that contains songs that span the band's entire career. Enjoy this Fire Feast!

Death In June 30th Anniversary Mix by Star Eyes by Мишка Bloglin

Sunday, 11 September 2011

More Tour Dates

More performances in Japan, France, UK, Greece and Germany are being worked on for December.

Death In June may possibly be coming to the Americas next year 2012.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Douglas P. on 'DEATH IN JUNE LIVE ACTION 2011'

After years of being asked to once again perform in the live arena I recently
and, I must admit reluctantly, agreed to do selected dates in Europa and perhaps
elsewhere in the World.

2011 is the official 30th Anniversary of the formation of Death In June, the
release of its first 12" e.p. 'Heaven Street' and first live performance in
London. It's been 6 years since Death In June last performed in public and '6'
is the number of June. This year is a significant landmark.

And, it's unlikely there will be a 35th Anniversary tour let alone 40th
Anniversary. Times are too uncertain and Time itself has taken its toll. It is
now - or never - for such a venture.

Bearing that in mind we have tried to have a comprehensive as possible selection
of countries thoughout Europa and perhaps elsewhere visited during what remains
of 2011. Certainly there will be countries missed out and there will be people
disappointed, probably on many levels, but we are trying to make performances as
accessible geographically as possible. And we trust we "let the right ones in."

Please remember that some performance locations will be kept secret until the
last moment for very good reasons. Not everyone out there in internetland and
elsewhere has our best interests at heart. Far from it! Remember, even if you
have a ticket to such performances the information that will come your way is
for YOU alone. Not your best friend who can't make it, or your record company
owner who would love to go but has better things to do, or even any so-called
former 'colleague' of mine etc and so on blah, blah, blah.

If they are meant to know, they'll know. If not,...it's best they don't!

Careless talk can be the difference between a show happening - or attracting
'problems' for scurrilous reasons at the last moment - which could lead to

And certainly, going by previous experience all the real flak will start coming
our way only as we get closer to the targets. And, there are still several
targets yet to be finalized on this Death In June 30th Anniversary Tour. More
news about them soon.

Having said all that I trust all goes very well for all concerned over the next
few months and that many of the 'Altekampfer' will meet up again for good
cultural times, 'Kameradschaft' and possibly one last toast to all that's been
and will be again.
Douglas P.

Quoted from the DIJ yahoo-group: http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/deathinjune/

Thursday, 1 September 2011

30th Anniversary Tour Dates - October 2011

Sept 30 - Sydney, AUS - The Sly Fox (+ Bain Wolfkind and Beastianity)
Oct 9 - Moscow, RU - 16 Tons (info, SOLD OUT!)
Oct 10 - Moscow, RU - 16 Tons (info, tickets)
Oct 12 - Helsinki, FI (info, tickets)
Oct 13 - Vilnius, Lithuania - (with Enu Kaleidoskops) PROPAGANDA CLUB (info, tickets)
Oct 15 - Lisbon, PT (with Die Weisse Rose), (info. SOLD OUT!)
Oct 18 - Barcelona, S - (with Àrnica. Venue yet to be announced), SOLD OUT!.
Oct 20 - Rome, IT - QUBE, Sala C (with Solar Lodge & Argine) (info, tickets)
Oct 21 - Waregem, BE - The Steeple (with :OTWATM:), (info, SOLD OUT!)
Oct 22 - Eisleben, DE (with :OTWATM: & Sonne Hagal), (info, SOLD OUT!)
Oct 23 - Copenhagen, DK - Pumpehuset (with :OTWATM:), (info. SOLD OUT!)
Oct 26 - Vienna, Austria (special secret Douglas P. solo performance in ancient Austrian restaurant).
Oct 27 - Vienna, Austria (with Fire + Ice and Vurgart), (info. For tickets & info please write: this email).
Oct 28 - Pavia, IT - Carlito's Way (with Fire + Ice and Vurgart), (info. SOLD OUT!)
Oct 29 - Zagreb, Croatia (with Fire + Ice and Vurgart) - Jabuka Klub, Jabukovac 28, Zagreb
              (doors open 21:00, club closes 24:00. Info. For tickets please write: this email).