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Thursday, 1 September 2011

30th Anniversary Tour Dates - October 2011

Sept 30 - Sydney, AUS - The Sly Fox (+ Bain Wolfkind and Beastianity)
Oct 9 - Moscow, RU - 16 Tons (info, SOLD OUT!)
Oct 10 - Moscow, RU - 16 Tons (info, tickets)
Oct 12 - Helsinki, FI (info, tickets)
Oct 13 - Vilnius, Lithuania - (with Enu Kaleidoskops) PROPAGANDA CLUB (info, tickets)
Oct 15 - Lisbon, PT (with Die Weisse Rose), (info. SOLD OUT!)
Oct 18 - Barcelona, S - (with Àrnica. Venue yet to be announced), SOLD OUT!.
Oct 20 - Rome, IT - QUBE, Sala C (with Solar Lodge & Argine) (info, tickets)
Oct 21 - Waregem, BE - The Steeple (with :OTWATM:), (info, SOLD OUT!)
Oct 22 - Eisleben, DE (with :OTWATM: & Sonne Hagal), (info, SOLD OUT!)
Oct 23 - Copenhagen, DK - Pumpehuset (with :OTWATM:), (info. SOLD OUT!)
Oct 26 - Vienna, Austria (special secret Douglas P. solo performance in ancient Austrian restaurant).
Oct 27 - Vienna, Austria (with Fire + Ice and Vurgart), (info. For tickets & info please write: this email).
Oct 28 - Pavia, IT - Carlito's Way (with Fire + Ice and Vurgart), (info. SOLD OUT!)
Oct 29 - Zagreb, Croatia (with Fire + Ice and Vurgart) - Jabuka Klub, Jabukovac 28, Zagreb
              (doors open 21:00, club closes 24:00. Info. For tickets please write: this email).


  1. I'm assuming Australia will not be included in the tour? I live in Melbourne & can assure you there are plenty of DIJ appreciators here.
    Is Melbourne or Sydney being considered?

    Thank you..

  2. A 'yet to be confirmed' date has been added for Sydney on Friday 30th September.

    You're welcome.

  3. Come back to NYC! The last show at the Pyramid was amazing!

  4. I can't wait to get my ticket for the concert in Barcelona! By the way, was a concert in Poland even considered? I would expect quite a lot of fans there.

  5. Not to my knowledge, Michal.

    Good luck in Barcelona.

    If you feel like sharing your experience of the show with us here in some form, we'd be delighted.


  6. Just can't wait~~~
    In Moscow we have the most refined posters!

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  8. It was much more than awesome or "großartig" to see and meet you in "Black Eisleben",definitely satisfying for so many fans in Germany and for the guests who comes from around Europe!!
    Thank you!!

  9. Dang, when was the last time DIJ came to Adelaide? Is Douglas still living there?