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Saturday, 24 September 2011

A fait accompli

This is the best fan-made music video for Death In June I have yet seen. When I first saw it I thought its somewhat humoristic character was a bit too at odds with the seriousness of the song, but after subsequent viewings I've found it to be just perfect. The youtube profile-name of its creator is 'DerTodesking777'. He has a lot of other remarkable DI6 videos on his channel. He also keeps an excellent website on weird, outsider & art cinema: Soiled Sinema. In a very readworthy review there of the Death In June documentary "Behind the Mask" he writes that he likes "different musical groups for a variety of reasons ranging from novelty to a deep emotional connection but Death in June is one of few groups whose entire aesthetic package I am completely enamored with." About his video-editing he says that it is "primarily intuitive. I generally edit a video "in my head" and then eventually physically edit it. I am self-taught. One of my biggest influences is the films of Kenneth Anger. I also edit official videos for the excellent American neofolk group HARVEST RAIN."
I look forward to seeing many more beautiful videos by 'DerTodesking777' (or Matt) for DI6 and others.

A question for the readers of the blog: Which fan-made DI6 music video do you find particularly good?
Post a link to it in the comments, and perhaps add a few words on what makes it stand out to you.

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEmLuOKI9xs

    I did this... what do you think?

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