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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Douglas P. on Lisbon & Barcelona..

A special "Thank you!" to Miro Snejdr for the excellent surprise performance of ´Lounge Corps´ to start the evening in Lisbon, Portugal last Saturday and apologies to all those at last night´s performance in Barcelona, Spain for the slightly shortened Death In June set. This was due to strict time constraints at the club.

Douglas P.


  1. This was Miro's tour de force which I'm afraid didn't receive the due appreciation, for over half the people present kept chattering "about the prospects of the next 5 minutes" - yes, the next "5 minutes" would be great, but THIS was also great! I know many people see Miro's collaboration as a passing phase in Di6's work (maybe who knows - a well played piano is always welcome in Di6's album, it doesn't have to a whole album again, right? But what do I know...)... so, coming back to what I was saying, I reckon people tend to take his rendition of the band's classics as some mere lounge warm-up, but I feel it as being much more than that. So, it was a pity that the mouths couldn't be shut. I know it's a free world but that doesn't mean people not knowing how to behave and respect other people's interests at a concert. A Death In June concert!